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Re: It's Official: Microsoft is Dying Very Quickly

__/ [ John Bailo ] on Sunday 21 May 2006 17:23 \__

> Geico Caveman wrote:
>> Microsoft is in some serious trouble in their growth curve (not due to
>> market saturation alone),
> What the Wintrolls are not taking into account is that while MS is growing
> anemically, the world is growing /exponentially/.   Servers, devices, web
> applications, cell telephony -- things that have nothing to do with
> Microsoft -- are becoming pervasive.   Meanwhile India and China's 2
> Billion humans are just getting their lips wet with pervasive technology.
> And these technologies make access to newer better OSes such as Suse 10.1
> more possible.
> So, before, the /only/ computer technology that most people had was the
> Windows desktop...but now there is so much more that is really growing
> wildly.

Thank you, Bailo. Even Ballmer acknowledged that point last week. Word has
existed for many years. A desktop O/S has existed for decades. Where is
Microsoft when it comes to SOA? Or music players? The even falter in micro
technology, which is the past was just a small niche. Some people will stick
to native, desktop-side O/S and Word for another decade. Many others have
moved on a long time ago. And it's like a plague/hype, much like the social
Web (2.0?), Ajax (Web applications) and a computer in your shirt's pocket.

Best wishes,


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