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Re: It's Official: Microsoft is Dying Very Quickly

Roy Schestowitz wrote:

> Let is face a certain reality. Microsoft are dwindling more quickly than
> anybody anticipated. The stocks show it, the investors say so, and there

Getting past the fact that neither you nor I can know what everybody
anticipated, I think you are a little high here.

Microsoft is in some serious trouble in their growth curve (not due to
market saturation alone), but to start dying, its profits would have to
fall to zero, its losses start rising, and investors would have to bolt in
large numbers. While investors are skittish because of lack of serious
innovation and long standing problems that Microsoft seems incapable of
tackling, Microsoft's profits are going up slightly due to its cash cows
and the vendor lock-in. These factors will inevitably weaken over the next
5-10 years, and may push Microsoft down the tubes, but Microsoft is not
headed that way right *now*.

I think that Microsoft, like all monopolies in history, will wither slowly
and painfully on the vine, unable to come to terms with an idea that it
cannot control, but I do not think it will die. Union Pacific is still
around a hundred years later, remember ?

Please do not confuse your dislike of Microsoft's business practices for
actual facts on the ground.

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