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Re: [News] Windows to Linux Migration Review Deeply Flawed

Roy Schestowitz wrote:

> A Rebuttal To Mark Golden's Wall Street Journal Article
> ,----[ Quote ]
> | On May 15th Mark Golden wrote an article for the Wall Street Journal
> | titled Out The Window where he posed the question: "Can the ordinary
> | user ditch Windows for Linux?" His conclusion, in most cases, is a
> | resounding no. Sadly Mr. Golden's methodology in trying out Linux for
> | his article bears little resemblance to what an ordinary user trying
> | out Linux would likely do. Indeed, his approach almost guaranteedh
> | is results.
> `----

It's a nice rebuttal.

The multimedia issues Mr. Golden raised can be largely overcome. I have no
problem watching Windows Media Player video or Quicktime video or watching
DVDs on my Toshiba laptop running Fedora Core 5. Granted, I had to add on
software that didnât come with the distribution. This is no different than
Windows where many applications, such as an office suite, have to be added.
Is multimedia 100% under Linux? No, itâs probably only 95% due to the very
legal hurdles Mr. Golden mentions and the ever changing array of
proprietary formats out there.

I think this amble demonstrates that books, web sites whatever need to
provide new people coming to linux with information on Package Management
and Wiki sites or whatever to install the necessary stuff to get their
multi-media stuff working.

Given a lot of books on linux describe how to install the OS, then Chapter 2
*needs* to be entitled 'Package Management and Installation'.

Installing your multi-media on (for instance) (k)Ubuntu is a breeze, but a
new user could potentially be put off linux if they don't find out about
Synaptic/apt-get and the Wiki section dealing with multi-media in short

A couple of overviews of linux (first better than second IMHO)


No mention of 'Package Management' grrrr!



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