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Re: WINE - Windoze?

__/ [ Vahis ] on Sunday 21 May 2006 10:29 \__

> Roy Schestowitz wrote:
>> __/ [ dk ] on Sunday 21 May 2006 09:22 \__
>>> Monti Ciski wrote:
>>>> Does anyone here have much experience running WINE in Linux to use
>>>> windoze applications?
> I had been dual-booting, but having to reboot just to
>>> enter a few expenses or raise an invoice was a major pain
>> Other options are of course dual-boot,
> It is not really what the OP is after here.

Yes, I know. For those who migrate from one platform to another, I think the
dual-boot is a good transitory stage.

>  or Win4Lin, or Zen,
> Zen is the new updater of SUSE Linux 10.1

Oops. I means Xen (pronounced the same *giggle*). I mentioned Zen in a
different thread today -- that which discussed problems with YaST and some
advantages that exist in use of Synaptic.

> I thought that SuSE 10.1 or some
>> other modern and comprehensive distributions came with the Open Source
>> Zen.
> SUSE Linux 10.1 does. I just don't see it's role in the OP's question or
> dk's reply.

These are more reliable than emulators (yes, I know that Wine Is Not an
Emulator), but the downside is that they require an O/S licence and they are
not run natively.

>> I suspect it was the business offering from Novell or Red Hat though.
>> Worth a try... within a couple of years, all of these interoperabilities
>> issues will be a thing of the past, even without native builds... look at
>> Boot Camp on Mac OS X, for instance...
> ??


The questions marks probably referred to the confusion though. Thanks for the

> You probably meant Xen as for virtualization and SUSE?
> It's been there for a while and it's said to be stable. No own
> experience though.

I thought it was new because it hit the headlines in the context of Xen
virtualisation in upcoming business solutions from Red Hat, I believe.

Best wishes,


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