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Re: WINE - Windoze?

__/ [ dk ] on Sunday 21 May 2006 09:22 \__

> Monti Ciski wrote:
>> Does anyone here have much experience running WINE in Linux to use windoze
>> applications?  I think there are other applications that do this as well.
>> If so, and if easier to use than WINE please fill me in!  If you could
>> refer me to some more help I would greatly appreciate it!
> My own experience with Wine is that success is patchy. Some things work,
> some don't. Some will work after a lot of effort, but at that point I
> wouldn't risk anything critical on it. I've used Crossover Office (which is
> based on Wine) with some success on a couple of packages. But, in the end,
> I've chosen to go with VMware for the couple of Windows-based accounts apps
> that I have to run (I had been dual-booting, but having to reboot just to
> enter a few expenses or raise an invoice was a major pain). I downloaded
> the trial version of VWware, which works for 30 days, created the virtual
> machine, and am now running it with the free player. Of course, this only
> works if you have a Windows licence (I used the emergency re-install CD on
> this machine, the one that came with the preinstalled Windows).

Other options are of course dual-boot, or Win4Lin, or Zen, among other
players (virtualisation) that are free. I thought that SuSE 10.1 or some
other modern and comprehensive distributions came with the Open Source Zen.
I suspect it was the business offering from Novell or Red Hat though. Worth
a try... within a couple of years, all of these interoperabilities issues
will be a thing of the past, even without native builds... look at Boot Camp
on Mac OS X, for instance...

Best wishes,


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