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Re: Google explains why you might be loosing pages left and right

__/ [ www.1-script.com ] on Sunday 21 May 2006 03:42 \__

> In a nutshell: "Lost 99% of pages? Your site's fine. Our site:yoursite.com
> operator is broken. Until we fix it, ALL SUPPLEMENTAL UPDATES ARE FROZEN?
> (emphasis mine). So, if you have not been getting much of Google traffic
> for obscure keywords, hold on couple more days and you'll be fine. Maybe.
> Get more scoop at Sitemap's blog:
> http://sitemaps.blogspot.com/2006/05/issues-with-site-operator-query.html
> Hope it makes someone's weekend.

It  could  do.  *grin*  If  it  hadn't  come  from  blogspot.com...  their
reputation is down on the floor. *smile* That said, it comes from "Vanessa
Fox,  _Google  Engineering_". So "yay"! It'll be back to normal  _at  some
stage_.  Function  is /not/ normal at the moment, which is encouraging  to

I  knew it had to be a female engineer. Who else would /tease/ like  that,
to  use  Paul's  terminology? Now, if that was Marissa Mayer,  I  wouldn't
really  mind  the  effects  of this data disaster, which by  the  way,  is
damaging to Google's reputation...

Best wishes,


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