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Re: Linspire

__/ [ Sandra Purling ] on Wednesday 31 May 2006 14:14 \__

> I suppose that there are some Linux snobs out there that might look down on
> Linspire, or Lindows as it was known before you-know-who got his knickers
> in a twist.
> Would it be a good way to make a break from Mr Gates empire?
> Anyone out there, in the UK got it? I want to know where I can buy it in
> the UK.
> One factor that is a big influence is drivers for graphics, sound and
> printer.
> I have several video cards: 128 Mb NVIDIA GeForce FX 5200, 32 Mb ATI Radeon
> and 16Mb NVIDIA TNT2.
> Sound is a generic 5.1 sound card with C media CN18738, which i note has a
> Linux driver on it's installation CD.
> My printer is a HP 1022 laser printer.
> Anything there that Linspire wouldn't be able to accept?
> I will inevitably have more questions

It sounds like SuSE would have been a good fit for your system
(+/components). Base machines with SuSE are available from just GBP 130
(upgradeable) and this includes Wine, which runs Windows executables (I
assume it is among the reasons you cho(o)se Linspire). If you insists on
Linspire, you can get a Linux (or blank hard-drive) box and purchase Lispire
from http://www.linuxuk.co.uk/ . Bear in mind that PCLinuxOS <
http://www.pclinuxonline.com/pclos/ > gives you that Windows-like cushion as
well, without the cost and without compatibility issue. It's a Mandrake

Hope it helps,


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