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Re: [News] Google Bug Irreversibly Loses Pages (Ping DMITRI)

Roy Schestowitz wrote:

I'm sorry, Roy, I missed this message when scanned the group over the
weekend (too much BBQ does not help concentrate on the PC screen, you know)

> I couldn't help but notice that about 98% of your pages are no longer
> part of
> the Google index. They say that the 'site:' operator is broken, but it
> seems
> evident, from internal site searches, that pages were lost/dropped.

Yeap, you are absolutely right, they are (almost) all gone. Worse yet,
those that remain are DEFINITELY not the ones I would even want in
Google's index (abandoned results of some programming experiments, old
pages, error pages etc.). To further test your theory, you can check how
many pages from my site link to you. I have you in the footer, so, if they
are really gone, you won't see the links anymore. I am sorry to say that
but such huge IBL fluctuations must not be good for your site either, and
I don't know if that ripple does not go several layers of links further
beyond your site, too. 

Actually, you may save yourself the trouble because I know by the amount
of Google referrals that they ARE gone.

> They ought to open up and explain what is going on. There is no
> scheduled
> major update/overhaul, not one which was named anyway. They had a major
> bug
> and I think they ought to stop explaining that "site:" broke
> while it's a
> proven fact that many pages were lost. So they tried the 64-bit
> BigDaddy and
> blew it, spoiling all datacentres in the process. They should say so
> and lay our some schedule for Webmasters to look at. 

This is never going to happen. Google has become a major US corporation
and so you will never ever hear negative truth from them again because any
negative rumor will affect their stock prices. At their current height any
volatility in stock prices would cost people millions of dollars, and so
no one, even those that aspire to "Do No Evil", will release any piece of
bad news because the "Evil" now represents hurting the stockholders.

> Some people make a living
> out of this, you know...

They do but I don't and I am so-o-o-o happy about it right now.

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