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Re: Microsoft DRM

__/ [ High Plains Thumper ] on Wednesday 31 May 2006 10:07 \__

> Well, I rebuilt my WinXP Home Ed partition, but hit some snags.
> Looks like I'll be reinstalling it, this time in safe mode
> (network cable disconnected until anti-virus and personal
> firewall are up).
> Meanwhile, I found a new snag, guess what?  Microsoft DRM.  My
> daughter purchased a bunch of songs through MSN.  Prior to
> wiping partition clean, I copied all her "My Document" files
> onto the D: drive.
> First thing when trying to play the file is a pop-up window
> called Media Rights Usage Acquisition, telling me that "This
> computer is not authorised to play this song."  There are two
> buttons, "Buy $0.99" and "I already own this song".  I click on
> IAOTS.  Next is a MSN login.  I have my daughter log in.
> After that, there is a message that it is acquiring the license
> and hangs.  Nada, zip.
> The first thing she says is, "Will I have to do this for every
> song?"
> My first impression of DRM is that it "sux".  If there is
> another player that will play without this DRM nonsense, I am
> game.  There has to be a better way to do this.
For Apple DRM, I am aware of some tools that mass-process them and strip the
locks. I could find the links, but I suspect that Mr. Apple (Tim Smith) will
be quicker at doing so.

[partly sarcasm /] Didn't you educate your daughter about the evils of DRM,
along them tidbits like "never talk to strangers"? These vendors are trying
to dumb down society so that it doesn't realise when it gets shackles and/or
financially penalised.



Best wishes,


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