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Re: MP3s on Tungsten E2?

__/ [ Josef Möllers ] on Saturday 27 May 2006 12:56 \__

> Hi,
> How do I store MP3s on a SD card to play them on a Tungsten E2?
> I'd like to do this w/o having to start another OS (I use Linux most of the
> time). I can access the SD card on my notebook, so copying files onto the
> card is no problem. Only ... where do they go?
> When I copied something from the E2s internal memory onto the card, it
> showed up in palm/launcher. I put a single MP3 there but it won't show up.
> Josef

Hi Josef,

The lastest version of pilot-link allows you to send files directly to your
SD card, without using a card reader (e.g. USB). You need to use the -d
option if I recall correctly (more details on the site). Your MP3 playing
software will assume that music files reside in a particular directory on
the SD card, e.g. /Audio. MP3's will not show up because they are not RPC
(exectutable) or PDB (data) files. To view the full listing, get free
software for your Palm. See FileZ:


Very good and even essential application to those who are not fearful of file
structure and some logical hierarchy.

Hope it helps,


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