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Re: 35,000 PC's Migrated from Windows XP to Open Source

__/ [ 7 ] on Wednesday 31 May 2006 07:19 \__

> asj wrote:
>> DFS wrote:
>>> But it's *another* bad lie by Roy "The Liar" Schestowitz.
>>> The PCs were NOT migrated from Windows XP to open source, as his thread
>>> claims.  They just put OpenOffice on top of Windows.
>> A case of honest misunderstanding perhaps? I was wondering about the
>> "Open Office" reference.
> Oh now come on!
> Stop blaming others when you could be blaming each other....
> 1. Doofus should have called you and idiot because you are.
> 2. He's forgotten to do that because he too acts like an idiot often
> enough.
> Ergo both of you are idiots could have blamed each other
> until the cows came home and we could have been watching this
> in stereo for some time...
> Spoil sport!

 | and Banco do Brasil now aims to
 | migrate another 30,000 computers that use the OS/2 operating system.
 | These should all migrate to the OpenOffice.org system by year-end.

Elsewhere yesterday:


 | In 2003, Brazil, for instance, announced plans to move 80 percent of
 | its state computers to the open-source operating system Linux.

It's evident that this migration is staged and its goal is a complete Linux
migration. We are talking about millions of machines here. Not tens of
thousands (people bring their work O/S to the house).

Best wishes,


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