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Re: Linux Gets Boost in Indian Supply Chain

Roy Schestowitz wrote:
> Red Hat India appoints Ingram Micro as National Distributor. Ingram Micro to
> distribute Red Hat solutions throughout India.
> ,----[ Quote ]
> | Ingram Micro, the largest global wholesale provider of technology
> | products and supply chain management services, will now distribute
> | Red Hat's products and solutions to channel partners throughout India.
> `----
> http://news.moneycontrol.com/india/news/pressnews/redhatingrammicro/red0hatindiaappointsingrammicroasnationaldistributor/market/stocks/article/216961

Oh yes. Red Hat is going strong in India, especially at the server
level. Several business are now moving into using Linux. Some young CS
students/users are switching to Linux altogether also. However, its
very easy to get CDs of other OSes that makes regular users work on
dominant OSes. Bandwidth still remains a problem. Therefore downloading
an ISO remains out of question for several prospective desktop Linux
users. Most users that get Linux CDs get older versions that not
necessarily work the best on their machines. One of my cousins was
frustrated with Linux (RH8) until I sent him FC3 and an old Mandrake
9.3 (I think) CD. Then I went over the installation over the phone and
he was one happy person. Anyway, I am happy that Linux is going through
the right channels. I might be able to get a few vendors to pre-install
Linux too. Lets see. You know, in India, computer systems are normally
built by individuals - branded ones cost more than assembled. The ones
who assemble the machine preload Windows (and sometimes Office too). If
these folks who assemble PCs are exposed to Linux, they might create a
good micro-area of Linux domination, which could slowly grow. Back in
2000, RH 6.x was used in one of the server rooms where I worked. The
review they had was mixed. Everybody agreed that it was a powerhouse,
but most had to go through a steep learning curve - and it was a
one-time learning curve.

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