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Re: Linux Gets Boost in Indian Supply Chain

__/ [ Chirag Shukla ] on Tuesday 30 May 2006 05:13 \__

> rapskat wrote:
>> On Mon, 29 May 2006 19:09:49 -0700, Chirag Shukla wrote:
>> > Oh yes. Red Hat is going strong in India, especially at the server
>> > level. Several business are now moving into using Linux. Some young CS
>> > students/users are switching to Linux altogether also. However, its
>> > very easy to get CDs of other OSes that makes regular users work on
>> > dominant OSes. Bandwidth still remains a problem. Therefore downloading
>> > an ISO remains out of question for several prospective desktop Linux
>> > users. Most users that get Linux CDs get older versions that not
>> > necessarily work the best on their machines. One of my cousins was
>> > frustrated with Linux (RH8) until I sent him FC3 and an old Mandrake
>> > 9.3 (I think) CD.
>> I'm not sure of the logistics of it, but if you need any assistance
>> mastering and/or distributing Linux distro discs in quantity, I would be
>> willing to help out.
> Developers/administrators in India are really sharp. There are several
> guys in India that do exceptionally well with all OSes. So I wont worry
> about folks back in India mastering Linux. Distribution is what I plan
> to do myself once I get to talk to computer assemblers in known areas.
> Sure, if I need assistance, I will get in touch with you. Thanks.

Be sure to have a look at:


,----[ Quote ]
| No, SASELinux is not a new distribution of Linux nor is it any other OS
| at all rather it is a way for users with limited or no bandwidth of their
| own to get Linux at very little cost to them. Currently to download Linux
| you really need a good high speed line and a day or so to download the
| three or four gigs. So we have set out to change that by mailing what
| ever distribution of Linux you want directly to you!

That's just what it's for.

It you need high quantities, can't afford to have CD's swapped around (an
issues when updating SuSE, for example), or find over-the-network
updates/patches/software to be a burden, also look at:




large quantities and *completely* free.

Best wishes,


Roy S. Schestowitz
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