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Re: [News] Ubuntu-ready (pre-installed) Laptops

__/ [ M ] on Monday 29 May 2006 09:04 \__

> Roy Schestowitz wrote:
>> http://system76.com/
>> Hewlett-Packard are doing them as well. The beginning of the end to iBooks
>> and laptop monoculture?
> Press 'Learn More' and some *very* appealing screen shots.
> I wouldn't mind one of those myself, very nice.
> They need to have an obvious presence on the likes of froogle et al.
> <quote>
> Where do we start? Stability, security, no more crappy spyware installing
> its self on your computer and reeking havoc.
> </quote>
> Woow, Not exactly the sort of quote I was expecting on a commercial site
> selling PC's.

See their page which discusses the programs that are included and makes a
price-based comparison. They even pre-install applications like Inkscape.

By the way, I installed Picasa half an hour ago. Couldn't be simpler. Click
on the download link in Konqueror, YaST2 opens within the Web browser (as a
sub-pane), enter root password and just hit OK/Accept. Done. New icon in the
KDE kicker. Works flawlessly. I will now be waiting for Google Earth althugh
I feel guilty having proprietary software on my system.

The following is at the front page of Digg at this very moment:


Best wishes,


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