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Re: Windows Vista Will Lose to Linux

Roy Schestowitz wrote:
> In reference to: (1) when was the last time you used Linux?

server - friday. i was the one who pushed the company to linux
servers.desktop - early this morning. I have all 3 desktop OS.

> Besides, are consultants not marketeers?

Great for corporate market, useless for consumer market.

>                      And what about word of mouth?

You're going to counter the windows and mac marketing machines with the
word of mouth from geeks like us ;-)

i mean, i pushed my immediate family to firefox but i can't honestly
push these guys to linux...they'll complain the minute they can't run
any one of their games or other apps that they've gotten used to.

i'm also the guy whose websites shut out IE users, so i can be
stubborn at times,but..

>                  (3) Pa-lease. Even if it were true, the user who is highly
>                      dependent on, let us say, Photoshop, could use CrossOver
>                      Office. Boot Camp on OS X likewise. The platform gaps
>                      are being narrowed owing to virtualisation, so even
>                      multi-botting is made unnecessary.

you're not telling me the range of software available for linux is
comparable to windows right?

here's the deal - i think the biggest hope for linux on the desktop is
to make strong inroads in emerging markets. i know china for example is
interested in promoting linux. The mature pc markets are lost
causes...the sooner you realize that the better so can concentrate on
those markets that are still wide open.

and i like open source, but the most viable ecology to produce very
high quality software in the consumer area is via COMMERCIAL apps...so,
people here have got to get over their dislike of companies that want
to make money selling licenses to their software!

for most developers, the opportunity to make money selling their
software is abig driver of innovation...

*posted while sitting in the car while the wife is STILL shopping. Did
i mention Opera Mini Java browser and my Nokia 9300?

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