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[News] Windows Vista Will Lose to Linux

Windows Vista vs. Linux: Why Vista Might Lose the Battle

_Very good read_

,----[ Quote ]
| The opening of Beta 2 testing at WinHEC for Windows Vista has once
| again raised serious questions about Microsoft's ability to keep its
| promises. We have witnessed up until now the inexhaustible reservoir
| of excuses coming from MS's officials, who have continuously fed us
| with plenty of reasons for Vista's delay: they're working on security,
| they're trying to make it more reliable for business, etc. Although it
| was initially destined to make its public debut way back in 2002,
| following years haven't shown us more than small bits of what was to
| become Microsoft's best product in more than 10 years.
| [...]
| Jack Messman, CEO Novell, had already stated since september 2005,
| during Novell?s Brain Share, which took place in Barcelona, Spain,
| that switching from Windows XP to Windows Vista will be more expensive
| than switching from Windows XP to Linux.
| [...]
| This is where Linux comes on stage. It's totally free (well, most of
| the distros are). It has proven its reliability over time and it has
| convinced IT managers from large corporations (like IBM) to local
| authorities (like the French Gendarmerie or the Norwegian and Spanish
| government)to switch to it instead of Windows XP. Servers or desktops
| running Linux don't suffer from hoax, worms or spyware and they do not
| provide BSODs (blue screens of death, typically a source of irony for
| both Windows and Linux users). As for Aero, KDE desktop did long time ago
| a lot of the things Aero shall do in 2007, and with a whole lot less
| hardware resources.
| [...]
| All in all, the probably unanimous conclusion is that with or without
| Vista's release in 2007 the winner is Linux. Paradoxically enough, just
| as many have suggested before, Microsoft shall boost Linux's popularity
| no matter what Vista will bring new to the OS market. Still, if
| rumors concerning a new delay of Vista are true, MS's credibility
| (already at low levels in recent years) will drop significantly,
| and with it, the finances too.


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