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Re: So this is Elive eh?

__/ [ Malware Magnet ] on Sunday 28 May 2006 09:43 \__

> Very nice, although I'm not much of an eye candy, bells-and-whistles
> kind of user. From an aesthetic perspective, I feel as though I am
> using my friend's G4 PowerBook; mostly because of the docking panel.

Actually, I find that rather nice and unique. To anyone who has not seen


There is actually a nicer docking panel, akeen to OS X.


> I first tried the E17 desktop, but noticed there was no text displayed
> next to (or under) the icons... just a little bar that moved above them
> with my mouse cursor (I felt like I was playing a game of Breakout). I
> tried to tweak the WM and Appearance settings to bring up this text,
> but nothing I did resolved the issue. E17 is incredibly striking, but I
> am not familiar enough with the new icons to accomplish anything in a
> timely manner. It seems silly to load E17 then use a CLI for
> everything. Anon... perhaps later.

I think you are judging the O/S by the wrong criteria. Frankly, I never have
any panels visible and I use keyboard shortcuts for most things. Why? Panels
occupy screen space and can become distracting. What you should seek in an
O/S (or Linux distribution) is stability, consistency, and some other traits
that distinguish it and increase productivity levels.

> So I'm using E16 which is, quite frankly, more UI bling than I will
> ever need. That being said, I must admit, it is fun having MPlayer,
> Cinelerra, Blender, even ZSNES and other graphical apps already
> installed and ready to go.
> Configuring my wireless NIC, my printers, and my trusty old Palm Zire
> 31 was a breeze... after all, it *is* Debian under the hood.

It's probably more of a breeze with Breezy (Ubuntu). I bet that hardware
probing would have been slightly superior.

> I know several people who are interested in trying Linux - not to
> replace Windows - but to see what it's about. They have asked for my
> help, and I think I will change my presentation and demonstrate Elive
> (after more familiarization) instead of SUSE, as I was my original
> plan. KDE is great, but not as impressive as Enlightenment. I can see
> this UI getting their attention. It certainly makes a statement.

Yes, it does. KDE with XGL might even be better. It's Windows-esqe behaviour
might also suit the Windows converts slightly better. I wonder why
Enlightenment is disappearing. I quite liked it, but almost no distribution
comes with it 'out of the box'. *sigh*

> Alas, if my laptop had a powerful enough video card, I would use Xgl.
> Now *that* is a show!

It is! Like [H]Omer said, it enables you to break the stereotype that "Linux
is ugly". Just show this to one of those morons who has been watching Vista
promotional screenshots. You'd blow them away. Put stability and better
hardware detection (than Vista Beta) on top of that, as well as cost.





Best wishes,


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