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Re: [News] Flash Player 9 for Linux

Roy Schestowitz :
> __/ [ Handover Phist ] on Sunday 28 May 2006 00:40 \__
>> Roy Schestowitz :
>>> Yes, Virginia, there will be a Flash Player 9 for Linux
>>> ,----[ Quote ]
>>>| Yes, Adobe is actively working on the Linux version of Flash Player 9.
>>>| We expect to make a pre-release version available on Adobe Labs for
>>>| early feedback and testing before the end of the year, with the full
>>>| release expected in early 2007. As delivering consistency across
>>>| platforms is a core value of Flash Player, performance is one oft
>>>| he main goals of the Linux release.
>>> `----
>>> http://weblogs.macromedia.com/emmy/archives/2006/05/yes_virginia_th.cfm
>> Bout frickin time!
> Before the Macromedia-Abode takeover, that used to Acrobat Reader that was
> neglected. As far as I know, Acrobat Reader 6 never existed for Linux and

I didn't much care as gv, ggv, and others covered the field. Flash
player only has flash player. There's no OSS player IFAIK.

> version 5 for Linux had a severe flaw, which was discovered shortly after
> AR7 had come out. Moreover, version 5 fort Linux was half-cooked. It had
> these ugly Motif dialogues. Shame on Adobe, but they have an opportunity to
> make up... same with MATLAB, by the way (one of my recurring rants)...

Lots of commercial software was half done for Linux. The trend is that
software for Linux is going to get better and better. Thank Google for
that with their release of Picasa! Linux is about to see a breakthrough
now that commercial software is being released! I'm working at building
a viable desktop system (for people other then me that is) and it's so
close I can taste it....



belief, n:
	Something you do not believe.


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