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Re: Elive 0.5

__/ [ Ruel Smith ] on Saturday 27 May 2006 17:19 \__

> Peter spewed this vial garbage:
>> New Elive beta looks very interesting, as expected there a few bugs.
>> Give it a try http://www.elivecd.org/gb/Download/Development/ has several
>> different download mirrors.
> Nice! I haven't used Enlightenment in a few years. It looks like it might
> start giving KDE a run for its money in the eye candy department!

I saw Elive beta in the distrowatch feed this morning. Some people in this
group  have  said  some  very  nice things about  ELive,  but  apart  from
uniqueness, I wonder what it has to offer which more popular distributions
cannot  boast.  I suppose that to many consistency is important.  I  loved
Enlightenment  back  when  I was using it. However, remember that  KDE  is
highly  extensible.  It  can be adjusted to look and  behave  like  merely
anything,  even  OS  X  and Vista. Setting it up in this  way  is  greatly
simplified  too.  GNOME has similar capabilities, but I am not sure  about
desktop  environments  behaviour.  In terms of looks,  it  remains  pretty
flexible. I run KDE and GNOME on this computer simultaneously...   best of 
both. *smile*

Best wishes,


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