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Re: Denmark and ODF

__/ [ B Gruff ] on Friday 26 May 2006 11:13 \__

> http://www.computerworld.dk/art/34035?a=rss&i=0
> Translation of the main paragraph:-
> "By no later than the 1st of September, all publications and other written
> documents on the homepage of the Ministry of Science will be available in
> the OpenDocument format (ODF). This was the promise by minister of Science
> Helge Sander..."I would like to emphasise that the use of open standards is
> central for the development in a digital administration. As a first step I
> have asked my own ministry to offer publications and other relevant written
> communication in the open document format ODF""
> It's (imo) another step in The Quiet Revolution.  No mandatory, no
> exclusively, just everything but everything available in ODF.

[To self:] How else would one easily communicate with Massachusetts? The more
'camps' become dependent on and demanding for this Open format, the more
inclined people will become to using it. Some will even be forced and this
will put pressure on the Office team to embed the plug-in in their code.
Eventually, anything other than ODF might be frowned upon. Excellent news!

First eradicating .doc, .xls and the rest of the garbage; Then, cleaning up
WMA, WMA, forbidding DRM more widely. If Microsoft help inject WPA
(newly-introduced Windows photo format), this will need to be extinguished
as well. They keep introducing new proprietary formats (lockins), but
they'll be toppled...

Best wishes,


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