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Re: [News] AmaroK Reached Mac OS, Yet to Reach Windows, Support Proprietary Formats

begin  oe_protect.scr 
Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> espoused:
> October is Roktober!! - iPod Giveaway
> ,----[ uote ]
>| 1.4 development started with a bang as about 5 major feature commits
>| were made within minutes of the branch being opened. They were things
>| like tag support for m4a/wma, a new user rating system to compliment
>| the auto-scoring system, a new external collection scanner to
>| dramatically reduce the crashiness of the main application and the ability
>| to organize files so you could move their location in the filesystem
>| without losing stats.... Amarok 2 will be based on QT4/KDE4 and will
>| finally feature a Windows port, so for those of you that must use Windows,
>| you will finally be able to have your rok and eat it too.
> `----
> http://amarok.kde.org/
> I still can't understand why they give awat DRM-enabled technology. I raised
> the same concerns when Novell did this.

DRM is bad, and I'm 100% sure it'll fail.  People do not want to be
owned and managed in this way.  The mainstream pop-art industries will
need to come up with something much better than DRM for it to succeed.
Recall the British Library's position on such things, for example.  I'm
in no way anti-business or anti-capitalist, I am, however,
anti-monopolist and pro-consumer and pro-democracy.  DRM fails because
it's pro-monopolist and anti-consumer.  Whilst most people might not
care about the pro-monopolist bit, they'll soon get upset by the
anti-consumer bit.

| Mark Kent   --   mark at ellandroad dot demon dot co dot uk  |
In which level of metalanguage are you now speaking?

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