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Re: A Message from an Anonymous Observer

Roy Schestowitz wrote:
> From: Anonymous (posted with permission)
> "The fact that the trolls are replying to any messages implies it is
> damaging.  I saw how Hadron Quark replied arrogantly to Rex Ballard,
> regarding Microsoft shutting down Byte Magazine by cancelling their ads,
> when subject matter were not according to MS's tastes.
> What Rex said made sense, and he has keen insight into the industry.  They
> don't like that, because as I suspected earlier, there are Microsoft and
> related industry paid shills.  The industry is saturated with greed,
> anything that detracts from stock market standings is considered an enemy.
> When Bill Gates wanted to dominate the world, he did just that.  The
> political shennanigans are not imaginary, they are real.  It is no mistake
> of some of these poster's intentions.

> Regarding Larry Qualig, although he was an MS employee in the past, still
> maintains standing with them.  What he says is no mistake.  It would not
> surprise me that he still owns stock in the company.  He still may be on MS
> payroll as a paid consultant.

Now this is some funny sh!t. Yes I did work there for a brief amount of
time back in early 1996. The same 1996 that occurred over a decade ago
back when a little bit of peach-fuzz first appeared on your chin. Since
the time I left about a 100,000 other employees have walked in and out
of those doors.  (>70k employees... average turn-over rate... do the

If you actually believe for one second that because I worked there for
a brief amount of time a decade ago that I somehow have some sort of
secret connection/standing with Microsoft then you seriously need to
loosen your tin-foil helmet a few notches.

<for the record>
After leaving MS I did go to work for Groove Networks (Ray Ozzie's
company) for several years after moving back to Mass. It turns out that
MS also bought this company but I left between the time when the deal
was announced and when it actually closed. My last paycheck there was
from "Groove Networks" and not Microsoft.
</for the record>

> Anyway, this is my take on the situation.  I gather that others have similar
> views.  One thing that will topple MS is although there has been a worldwide
> FUD campaign that has delayed Linux deployment for the past 10 years, can no
> longer hold it back.  We see as Governments and private institutions
> implement Linux, news is getting out.  Progression is not linear, it is
> exponential.
> Microsoft missed its window of opportunity for its next release of its
> operating system.  Corporate, Educational and private concerns are finding
> experiential knowledge of Linux and how they have been lied to.  IT staffs
> are slowly revealing that for years against the corporate culture, they have
> saved money by quiet deployments of Linux as firewalls, web servers, data
> base management servers, etc.
> Microsoft's credibility and ethics reputation are in the toilet.
> Word is getting out.  With China, Russia, India, Africa, Korea, Southeast
> Asia, etc. deploying Linux spells big cash for software developers to
> develop proprietary applications for the business and professional world
> because of this new potential market.
> It is a quiet revolution.  I think we will see the house of cards starting
> to topple."

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