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Re: [News] Mandriva Buys Company

Peter Kai Jensen wrote:
> Hadron Quark wrote:
>>> As a side anecdote, there are far too many people I industry that
>>> merely serve as middle(wo)men. This reduced productivity and misses
>>> great potential of betterment.
>> Folks. I'm telling you that he has lost it. Roy sees himself as some
>> sort of OSS Buddha. He's losing the plot. It reminds me a little of
>> the ramblings of Colonel Walter E. Kurtz in "Apocalypse Now". It wont
>> be long before the COLA gang send Kier up river armed with a machete
>> in a plastic boat, Mark Kent surfing off the back, and Rex boring
>> everyone to tears in the wheelhouse.
> Someone sure has lost it, but it appears to be you.  You're fast
> becoming a Roy stalker, and you look like you could snap at any moment.
> Might be time for a break from COLA.

Have you noticed that all the WinTrolls always target Roy, even though
he hardly ever gets involved in flaming. He rarely swears or resorts to
name calling, and yet the WinTrolls stalk him obsessively.

The Astroturfer's strategy is painfully transparent ... target the
strongest or most vocal advocate, in a pack like hyenas, to weaken the
group. LOL!, and Fish-head had the cheek to suggest it was *we* who were
coordinating our efforts behind the scenes; I can just imagine some of
the things those scheming Astroturfing weasels say to each other in
private correspondence.

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