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Re: Resolution for University Support of OSS

Roy Schestowitz wrote: 
> High Plains Thumper on_ 
>> "billwg" wrote:
>>> High Plains Thumper wrote:
>>>>> Why Would I Want To Run Linux?
>>>>> As mentioned above...
>>> Now the gist of this message is that linux may be used if
>>> you have a crappy, outdated computer, i.e. linux is for
>>> the world's losers who cannot afford the very best. 
>>> Maybe that isn't true, but that is the message in this
>>> paragraph.  I am surprised that you would assert it with
>>> any pride. 
>> Dear, dear, I opened the gate and look what the cat drug
>> in. - <PLONK!>
> ...Shouldn't have taken long. With the sheer contempt this
> peble has for everyone (e.g. un-capitalising names and
> patronising all others) it's a waste of time to read, let
> alone see. 

He's a troll.  He is a waste of time to reply to.  He can't
even put up a good counter argument.  He is kill file
material, like Timmy and others. 

> Nice citations, by the way. They are likely to serve
> someone.

It amases me that I see more and more Linux.  Trolls are
having a harder time countering, resorting instead to
childish manners to retort.  NY State at Buffalo is following
suite promoting open source just like Indiana State schools. 
I see a new order arising. 

Also, it amases me that I replied to your message here Roy, but 
then in the save, it threaded to billwg's post, with billwg 

Guess that's what I get for using ex-pee to post.


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