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Re: [News] "Get Linux" Mode in Windows

In comp.os.linux.advocacy, Roy Schestowitz
on Thu, 05 Oct 2006 18:37:37 +0100
> Windows Vista's "Get Linux" Mode
> http://www.bumpbox.com/?p=143

Duh....and one wants to pay $249 for this mode precisely...why? :-)

> But here is the interesting part.
> Microsoft's Newest Piracy Plans

"Microsoft's Newest Piracy Plans"?  Did they use that headline
deliberately? :-)

> ,----[ Quote ]
> | According to one estimate, right now Windows XP accounts for 85% of
> | all installed OSs. The same article cited above says that those 60
> | million copies that failed the Windows Genuine Advantage test were out
> | of 300 million that were checked in total. Combine these two numbers,
> | and that means that 20% of Windows XP's 85% share could be up for
> | grabs.
> `----

Plus the fact that a 20% failure rate is darned piss-poor performance,
in most industries.  Could one imagine a manufacturing line discarding
a fifth of its finished product?


> http://econball.blogspot.com/2006/10/microsofts-newest-piracy-plans.html
> If they check these figures in remote and poor places, the piracy figures
> (proportion) will be breathtaking.


suggests Peru is a hotbed of counterfeit copies; among the
duplicated works are "Cars 2" and "Pirates of the Carribean"
(as of the time this was written, anyway.)

    There is a story circulating in Peru, which could well
    be true, that another Peruvian writer, the popular
    Jaime Bayly, was waiting at traffic lights when black
    marketeers offered him a pirate copy of one of his
    own books.

    Recognising the author from the photo on the back
    cover, the vendor, without even pausing to blush,
    offered him a discount.

Now *that's* chutzpah. :-)  But there's no legitimate
market for music in Peru apparently; the illegals undercut
them by almost 98%.

Something's way out of whack.


suggests losses from counterfeiting activities may be
more than $50B if one includes losses from European and
Japanese works; American losses are about $20-$24B.

(Admittedly "loss" in this context is a bit illusory.)

#191, ewill3@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
Linux.  Because Windows' Blue Screen Of Death is just
way too frightening to novice users.

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