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Re: [News] 10 Advantages of Linux

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spike1@xxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:

>> | 1. It Doesn't Crash
> 1/10th as much as windows does.

If that much.

> (it can still go down in extreme situations, rare as they may be)

When I see one of my Linux boxes crash these days, I always think "aw
crap, I'll have to get new hardware again".  And it usually does turn
out to be some malfunctioning piece of hardware.  From defective MBs,
over aging hard disks, to malfunctioning power supplies, all can crash
Linux.  I won't blame it on Linux, though ... :-)

This being said, improper kernel configuration can also lead to
instability.  Like today, when I was testing a Sensoray I/O card and
ended up with a weird kernel oops and a hung process.  Turns out that
some multimedia driver had accidentally claimed the device (in all
fairness, it did report itself as a multi-media class device, even in
Windows), so the real driver couldn't get to it.  I'd have never found
the problem either, if it hadn't been because of a suspicious-looking
kernel output message during boot.

>> | 2. Viruses Are Few and Far Between
> Currently none in the wild.

I can only really recall one somewhat recent worm with any noticeable
impact.  That was years ago.  Still haven't heard of a viable virus.

>> | 3. Virtually Hardware-Independent
> VERY hardware dependent, it's just very capable of running on *almost*
> any hardware you throw it at.  What's a kernel if not the thing that
> handles all the hardware? I'd say that's hardware dependent.

If you want to get technical, yes.  However, what most people will
understand as "hardware-independent" is that it doesn't matter what
hardware one installs it on, it will just work.  And it does.

>> | 4. Freedom of Choice
>> | 5. Standards
>> | 6. Applications, Applications, Applications
>> | 7. Interoperability
>> | 8. It's a Community Relationship, Not a Customer Relationship
>> | 9. It's Not How Big Your Processor Is...
>> | 10. Linux Is Configurable
> The rest go without saying.


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