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Re: [News] When Companies Control Newspapers

"The Ghost In The Machine" <ewill@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message 
> What would you prefer in Roy's place?

    It isn't an all-or-nothing situation. I like it when Roy posts makes 
pro-Linux or pro-FOSS posts. They're the reasons I come to this newsgroup in 
the first place. The anti-Microsoft posts don't particularly interest me, 
and if Roy merely posted *TRUTHFUL* criticisms of Microsoft and their 
products, then I'd probably mostly silently ignore them, with the exception 
of adding a "me too" when someone says "Doesn't anyone find these Microsoft 
posts off topic?"

    What really bugs me is when Roy (or anyone else for that matter) posts 
lies. When someone posts lies about Linux, I don't approve. Unfortunately, I 
don't know as much about Linux as the others here, so I usually don't 
challenge the claims made about it. I do seem to know more about Microsoft 
products that a lot of people here, though, so I can detect the lies, and I 
call try to call them out.

    In summary:

    * Roy, keep up the pro-Linux posts. They're great.
    * I'd rather you tone down the anti-Microsoft posts, but if you want to 
keep making them, fine, I can ignore them, as long as they're truthful.
    * Please stop the lies. It's unprofessional, and reflects poorly on the 
COLA community, and by extension, the Linux community. I will continue to 
complain about the lies as I see them.

    - Oliver 

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