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Re: [News] When Companies Control Newspapers

Bruce Scott TOK <Use-Author-Supplied-Address-Header@[127.1]> writes:

> Ghost in M wrote:
> [to one of the shills]
>>Accuse as you like; if it gets bad enough his ISP may take
>>action.  Personally, I'm not sure it's worth the bother,
>>especially with all of the other crap flit-flotting about.
>>What would you prefer in Roy's place?
> These shills do the Scientology thing...  they try to destroy the guy
> who brings all the information.

All the information is already there on Linux websites.

All Roy does is hijack their links thus depriving the people who did
the work of revenue generating hit counts.

> Most of the interesting discussion here happens as a result of one of
> these news postings (not only Roy's).  Of course the shills try all the
> tricks they can to eliminate such stuff.

No they dont. They have repeatedly asked for a DIGEST of the links and
for Roy to stop posting misleading titles which have little, if
anything, to do with the link content.

> So "Hadron Quark" is as abusive in the quiet as Erik F?  What a
> surprise.

Hadron Quark is a linux user who despairs at how the COLA gang make
Linux and its users look like a bunch of cretins by totally ignoring
Linux faults and constantly spreading lies & FUD about windows and
windows users.

How would you feel if you were a windows user who came here to get the
gen only to find yourself being compared to a "retard" or a "mindless
sheep" or a "windiot"? It happens on a daily basis.

Roy is a schizo : one minute nice, next threatening to castrate
people. Its all too weird.

'Mounting' is used for three things: climbing on a horse, linking in a
hard disk unit in data systems, and, well, mounting during sex.
		-- Christa Keil

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