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Re: Sometimes Microsoft users gets on my nerves

  • Subject: Re: Sometimes Microsoft users gets on my nerves
  • From: Hadron Quark <qadronhuark@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 04 Oct 2006 19:27:17 +0200
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Luigi <darkravenanihilator@xxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

> Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> skrev:
>>__/ [ Luigi ] on Wednesday 04 October 2006 17:31 \__
>>> I've been  using Linux for almost three months, and i absolutely
>>> love it.
>>> I work in a PC hotline company, where I help clueless lusers with
>>> their Microsoft problems, which isn't few, sigh...
>>> Sometimes they just get on my nerves with their technical
>>> inability. F.e. last month a guy I talked to didn't know the
>>> difference between the screen and the computer. He asked, if it
>>> was the box or the screen that contained the RAM...
>>> I've tried to convince my grandma to use Linux. She only use
>>> computer to write letters and the print only to send with
>>> snail-mail. But she just say, that I don't have to bother.
>>> Though, I made her a little worried by telling her about
>>> spy-ware. No she actually belive, that hackers can connect to her
>>> computer which is OFF the internet, HAHA.
>>Hey, Luigi. Have a look.
>>Ubuntu for your grandmother.
> Hello Roy, do you use Ubuntu too? I doo, and it is truly a 
> mind opening expirience to get to know the difference between 
> closed software and open software.
> Ubuntu is a swhahili term, that mean to share and love your
> fellow men.
> Linux is a way to express love and sharing - something that 
> Microsoft could never do...

Well Luigi : you win the Pseuds corner "OBN"(*) for this month. Well done!
Its a shame, because I think it was a close run thing between Pete
KÃhlmann and Mark Kent this month. Roy's "pat on the hand" for Peter
possibly made him a close favorite ...

(*) With thanks to Private Eye magazine - OBN == "Order of the Brown Nose"

DOS: n., A small annoying boot virus that causes random spontaneous system
     crashes, usually just before saving a massive project.  Easily cured by
     UNIX.  See also MS-DOS, IBM-DOS, DR-DOS.
(from David Vicker's .plan)

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