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__/ [ z ] on Wednesday 04 October 2006 00:42 \__

> Linonut wrote:
>> After takin' a swig o' grog, Roy Schestowitz belched out this bit o'
>> wisdom:
>>> ToorCon ("Firefox security is a mess") sponsored by Microsoft
>>> http://lxer.com/module/newswire/view/70873/index.html
>> ToorCon wasn't sponsored by Microsoft.  Just the "Saturday Night Party",
>> from 9:30PM until 3:OOAM.
> Microsoft was a "Platinum Sponsor" -- the highest level of sponsor:
> http://www.toorcon.org/2006/sponsors.html

Microsoft sponsor many thinks it should _NOT_ be sponsoring. It's a smiling
crocodile. Plain and simple.

Look. Microsoft, the very same company that refuses to comply with the EU and
make its servers talk to others or be accessible to others, sponsors a
conference on interoperability.


And speaking of "interoperability", Microsoft corrupts the key terms.

Microsoft Announces Cross-Platform Ad Strategy
,----[ Snippet ]
| ...will allow marketers to reach customers across Microsoft's many
| platforms, including MSN, the XBox, Microsoft Live, Office Online,
| Windows Mobile, and Microsoft TV.


It also sponsors PHP.

        PHP, Windows: Not an Oxymoron?

,----[ Quote ]
| Though Microsoft is a sponsor of the php|works conference, Stagner noted 
| for the record that Microsoft did not pay for him to speak and he wasn't 
| lost and knows that the conference isn't TechED.


And Open Source/Linux.

        LinuxChix Brazil Meeting - Webcast, teachers and sponsors

,----[ Quote ]
| To make all this possible, we this year have the support of several
| companies and people, and two major sponsors: Caixa Economica Federal and
| Microsoft. The Caixa, as a Brazil federal institution, has always been
| involved in supporting development projects. And to go ahead with its
| "let's talk" movement, Microsoft supports the Meeting, as well will also
| be open to talk about their recent actions to cooperate and interoperate
| with Open Source community. We invite all attendees to debate with the
| representants their ideas and give suggestions.


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