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Re: Tech Journalist Can't Even Install Ubuntu Linux? Ubuntu Linux SUCKS!

__/ [ Gordon ] on Sunday 25 February 2007 22:37 \__

> "Patrick Dickey" <pd1ckey43@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
> news:39919D52-64C1-45F5-9DF2-5689E1453521@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
>> <royschestowitz@xxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
>> news:1171993587.208455.132750@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
>> Here we go again :(
>> So much for Linux *killing* Microsoft Vista.
>> What a joke.
>> So how long has Linux been around? Maybe 12 years or more?
>> So why is Linux still as user unfriendly and hostile as it was 12
>> years ago?
> You have blatently obviously not used Linux in the last five years. Linux
> in the shape of (K)Ubuntu and PCLinuxOS are MORE user-friendly now than
> even Windows XP....
>> When tech journalists can't even get Linux, in this case Ubuntu, to
>> work there is something seriously wrong with Linux.
> Uhh no - there's something seriously wrong with the journalist - since when
> did anyone beleive journalists anyway?
>> Of course we all know the Linux cultists will blame the user, call him
>> an idiot etc.
> In this case, absolutely....even a TEN year-old could run Ubuntu right off
> of the CD......

I recently read about a nine year old whose father said she installed Ubuntu
Linux. I have a 10 year old sister and I can see that happening. It's not

The real reason I reply though is to clarify that I did /NOT/ post the OP.
royschestowitz@xxxxxxxxx is an imposter seeking to discredit me. Please
filter everything that comes with these headers because the same troll is
likely to continue harassment in your newsgroup. Please do not associate me
with this.

                ~~ Best wishes 

Roy S. Schestowitz  
http://Schestowitz.com  |  GNU is Not UNIX  |     PGP-Key: 0x74572E8E
roy      pts/7                         Sun Feb 25 10:59 - 11:14  (00:15)    
      http://iuron.com - proposing a non-profit search engine

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