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Re: Windows Vista Not Available In Some Custom-Built Dell's

__/ [ Philip ] on Saturday 24 February 2007 16:56 \__

> http://news.yahoo.com/s/cmp/20070224/tc_cmp/197008517
> "Dell spokesperson confirmed on Friday that two of its high-end gaming
> machines won't run Microsoft's latest Windows operating system at all"

Can you blame them?

Vista driver issues keep Dell Blu-ray laptop on WinXP

,----[ Quote ]
| Dell's XPS M1710 notebook with a Blu-ray disc player is stuck on Windows XP 
| until driver issues can be worked out, according to a Dell representative.


Vista gaming will be 10 to 15 per cent slower than XP 

,----[ Quote ]
| So if you play Battlefield 2 or FEAR or any other popular game you are
| likely to get lower frame rates with Vista. That is certainly not a
| good buying argument but don?t think you and I have much choice as it
| looks like a take it or leave it deal. I like Vista as the 3D desktop
| looks sexy but that is probably its key feature.
`----                    ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^


Microsoft doesn't yet play games on Vista 

,----[ Quote ]
| The firm has its Vista logo all over its boothm, but all the machines that
| we investigated were running Windows XP.
| Obviously, it is still not the right time to switch to Vista as things
| might be not stable for current games. We hope that they can meet the
| early 2007 schedules. 


Vista breaks 90% of games, claims game publisher

,----[ Quote ]
| Alex St. John, chief executive of game publisher WildTangent, today
| blasted his former employer for a half-baked and negligent way of
| treating the majority of game publishers - small development studios
| and individual programmers of casual games: St. John claims that at
| least nine out of ten games do not work with Vista.


Windows Vista and casual games: the woe starts now

,----[ Quote ]
| Casual game company alleges the security of Microsoft's new
| OS goes to far and stifles web-based games.


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