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Re: [BREAKING NEWS] OLPC sued by US based Nigerian company!

flatfish wrote:
Peter "Crank One Off" Kränkwonov<pkoff@xxxxxxxxxx>, flatfish sock puppet
Karen Hill writes:

Nicholas Negroponte and the OLPC association have been
sued for patent infringement.  The US based Nigerian
company claims that the OLPC association violates its
patents on keyboard design.


Not good. What were they thinking to steal other people's
code? This is big problems for OLPC.

Interesting, an accusation already formed regarding stealing code, very old, very tired, very wrong.

That's what SOME Linux people do.

Oh, now the accusation against the Linux community, how strange.

Ask Roy Schestowitz about using graphics without an author's permission and then continuing to use said graphics even after
being notified.

It took a cease and desist order to get Roy Schestowitz to
remove the copyrighted graphics from his web page.

It's all in google.

Correct, it is all in Google, another trumped up charge that has little to do with advocacy.


A casual browse of his website shows mostly text with very
little graphics.  What limited graphics exist appear generic and

He used WordPress, an open source publishing software:


We are proud to offer you a freely distributed, standards-
compliant, fast, light and free personal publishing platform,
with sensible default settings and features, and an extremely
customizable core.

License and Platform

    * License : WordPress is licensed under the GPL

I do not think use of WordPress images with the application are
considered illegal.

Furthermore, alternate webpage with images at


has 12 images limited to textual reference to his website name.

IMHO, Fare Use clause in British copyright law allows the use of
an image downloaded from the internet for personal use and
research, provided credit is given to the owner/author.  Being a
graduate student, Mr. Schestowitz is a researcher.

Did Mr. Schestowitz defame the author?  I think not.

Did he stretch the Fare Use clause in British copyright law by
posting this only image on the net?  Perhaps.

However, would the American author consider it worthwhile to go
after a college student, seeking compensation on British soil
for a personal non-profit blog site with limited content and low
volume hits?  That would be ridiculous.


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