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Re: flattie and fuddie both the same nymshifting troll ..

On Fri, 30 Nov 2007 17:44:14 +0000, Roy Schestowitz
<newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

>They killed the UNIX/Linux section in Digg about 4 weeks ago. Ask everyone who
>is in Digg and they'll tell you. Regulars saw the shills and went elsewhere.
>All my comments there start at -3 or -2 because at least 3 accounts are being
>used to systematically mod down all my comments and bury my submissions.
>Personal attacks and outright slander are included.

You're nuts Roy.
Why not show COLA the messages you posted about Digg being censored,
Digg people being out to silence you and so forth.

Here is one:



By cstrippie on 11/17/2007
1. Blogspam
2. Not in any way related to Linux/Unix.
3. "Poor me" rant is even lamer than what you post as Cyberphoenix.


Tell me, how does one get a -125 or so on a submission?
Are you claiming it's not because people are sick of your SPAM?

The real truth Roy is that people on Digg have a voice and that voice
speaks for you when you say something reasonable and against you when
you say something stupid.
Of course you would like to silence those voices which is exactly what
makes you a hypocrite of the worst order.
You SPAm on and on about freedom yet you try to silence those who
disagree with you.
You're nothing but a phony, Roy Schestowitz

Unlike COLA where you can spew your garbage and there is no
accountability so you can do and say whatever you want Digg has a
system where it is simple to gauge what people are thinking of you, or
anyone else for that matter.

And it's real easy to do.

You just don't like not having total control and go paranoid when your
comments get buried.

Maybe if you went for quality instead of quantity you wouldn't be such
a lightning rod?
You won't though because you want your name and lame web sites
splattered all over the place and the people on Digg and other places
have figured that out long ago.

COLA is a little slow on this but sooner or later they will figure it
out for themselves.
The fact that COLA has so few different people posting than it did 2
years ago is one clue that COLA is dying.

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