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Re: flattie and fuddie both the same nymshifting troll ..

____/ nessuno@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx on Friday 30 November 2007 17:18 : \____

> On Nov 30, 6:32 am, Doug Mentohl <doug_ment...@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> On 29 Nov, 19:02, flatfish <flatf....@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> > I just got this from Slashdot....
>> It's interesting that if you try and create an account on slashdot,
>> it'll tell you if that email is already in use on the system. One such
>> email already in use is 'e...@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx' . I wonder what aliase
>> he uses when going on a modding down jag .. :)
>> You couldn't have got that from slashdot as up until yesterday
>> flatfish didn't have an account on slashdot. That msg was sent to
>> 'e...@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx' , yet we have you replying, you've been totally
>> made. I guess that explains your both total obsession with posting on
>> a group you profess to despise. Yea that's right folks, fuddie and
>> flattie have been posting here for the best part of a decade, he/she/
>> it has to be a few screws short of a wingnut ..
>> So, to summerize, that msg was sent to e...@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx,
>> therefore
>> flattie == fuddie, by the way, what aliases are you both using on
>> slashdot .. :)
>> Funkenbusch posts to slashdot ..
>> http://i232.photobucket.com/albums/ee193/slashdot_troll/erikfunkernbu...
>> Flatfish's new account, did not exist yesterday ..
>> http://i232.photobucket.com/albums/ee193/slashdot_troll/flatfish.png
> My own opinion is that there are at least two different people behind
> the recent nymshifting assault on cola, of whom the real flattie is
> the nastier, and I doubt that Erik is one of them.   If it were worth
> the trouble, I'm sure it would be possible to learn more by a careful
> analysis of what they post.  But it isn't worth the trouble.  Still,
> there's no doubt that there has been a big increase in trolling effort
> on cola and elsewhere in the last couple of months, and they've made
> it a priority to shut up Roy.  I never visit digg, but it sounds like
> it's also a major target for Microsoft astroturfers, who make it a
> worse tar pit than cola.

They killed the UNIX/Linux section in Digg about 4 weeks ago. Ask everyone who
is in Digg and they'll tell you. Regulars saw the shills and went elsewhere.
All my comments there start at -3 or -2 because at least 3 accounts are being
used to systematically mod down all my comments and bury my submissions.
Personal attacks and outright slander are included.

                ~~ Best of wishes

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