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[News] Version 12 of ASPLinux (from Russia) is Finally Released

  • Subject: [News] Version 12 of ASPLinux (from Russia) is Finally Released
  • From: Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Fri, 30 Nov 2007 18:02:30 +0000
  • Newsgroups: comp.os.linux.advocacy
  • Organization: Netscape / schestowitz.com
  • User-agent: KNode/0.10.4
ASPLinux 12 Deluxe

,----[ Quote ]
| Системное администрирование, разработка, изучение всех возможностей Linux


Schools in Russia are moving to Linux (ALTLinux) and the Government too


Mandriva Linux selected as "Product of the Year 2007" at the Russian Softool

,----[ Quote ]
| Mandriva has been selected as 'Product of the Year 2007' in the Linux 
| category at the Softool exhibition in Moscow. The 'Product of the Year 2007' 
| competition was held by the department of information technologies and 
| computing systems of the Russian Academy of Sciences, the Federal Agency of 
| Information Technologies, the publishing house SK Press, and IT-expo.    
| [...]
| Mandriva Linux will also soon be certified by the Federal Service of Export 
| and Technical Control, allowing public sector agencies and organizations 
| dealing with confidential information to use Mandriva Linux.  



Russian public agencies choose Mandriva

,----[ Quote ]
| Mandriva development is carried out jointly by Mandriva's offices in Russia, 
| France and Brazil. The Mandriva Linux OS is thus considered a national OS for 
| Russia. The decision of FSTEC of the Russian Federation (RF) implied that 
| Russian public agencies will be authorised to use the Mandriva Linux OS on 
| PCs running confidential information.    


Russian Government Will Migrate to OpenSource

,----[ Quote ]
| Russia decided to follow after EU countries, where opensource
| solutions are more spread then in Russia. Currently, some Russian
| companies can offer their own Desktop Linux OS (the major companies
| are ASPLinux, ALTLinux, Linux-Online and LinuxCenter).


Russian schools abandon Windows after piracy scare 

,----[ Quote ]
| Microsoft says that the incident has nothing to do with them, but it 
| appears that Russian schools in the area are so scared about being shipped 
| off to a Siberian Gulag, that they are buying Linux gear instead.
| [..]
| According to Karpushin, schools would start using freely distributed
| software like the Linux OS, Russky office and Open office desktop apps,
| Ekho Moskvi reports.


Linux Education in America: Inspiration from Russia?

,----[ Quote ]
| The reason that the Russian announcement is funny boils down to the 
| perception over the years that Russia equates to totalitarianism, whilst here 
| in America we're all about Freedom and innovation. Yet our educational 
| system -- the very underpinnings of how we're growing out future 
| technological talent, is based upon the inversion of what one would expect 
| given the respective reputations of both countries.     


Russia is latest country to move towards OpenDocument format and open standards  

,----[ Quote ]
| The stated rationale for this legislation is that “open standards will 
| contribute to an increased number of bidders for government contracts and 
| will increase opportunities for Russian software developers... [and] the 
| problem of interoperability will be addressed as will the ability to access 
| information into the future.”    


Russian Linux (ALTLinux) to be installed in every school in Russia

,----[ Quote ]
| Russian OS is to be installed on every school computer in Russia by 2009. 
| Furthermore, every pupil will get the opportunity to operate the applied 
| software produced in Russia, Leonid Reiman, acting Minister of Communication 
| stated at a press conference. According to Mr. Reiman, that might 
| significantly reduce Russian dependence on foreign software.    


Linux being launched at schools

,----[ Quote ]
| Besides the operating system the package is to comprise some freely 
| distributed programs, close to MS Office by their functionality, which are to 
| be used on computers with the following characteristics: 233 MHz and 128MB 
| DDR.   


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