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[News] [SOT] BitTorrent Gets Thumbs Up in Print; Lobbyists Screw Swiss Citizens

  • Subject: [News] [SOT] BitTorrent Gets Thumbs Up in Print; Lobbyists Screw Swiss Citizens
  • From: Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Fri, 30 Nov 2007 18:00:52 +0000
  • Newsgroups: comp.os.linux.advocacy
  • Organization: Netscape / schestowitz.com
  • User-agent: KNode/0.10.4
The Major Metropolitan Dallas News tells its readers how to use BitTorrent to

,----[ Quote ]
| I have a feeling you've already jumped to conclusions, but this was a 
| FAVORABLE article. That's correct a FAVORABLE article to the masses about 
| BitTorrent.   


Why not? What about Linux? Is there something morally wrong with sharing? Must
it be assumed that all sharing is illegal? That YouTube is just "piracy"?

Swiss DMCA coming down -- 50,000 signatures needed to unmake it

,----[ Quote ]
| Who cares about about Swiss copyright laws? Nobody it seems, not even Swiss 
| citizens. 
| On the 5th of October 2007, the Swiss law makers adopted a new law to comply 
| with the WIPO treaties. Thanks to the entertainment lobbies, apart from 
| criminalizing DRM circumvention devices, you can now win a one year visit in 
| jail if you share a copyrighted file on a P2P network.   
| Did anybody hear about this new law ? No. Not even Swiss citizens. The media 
| is quiet about this.  


Illegalising DVD playback in Linux in more places? Is the 'retired' Billy
Gates /still/ going around the world lobbying for this?


Canada's coming DMCA will be the worst copyright yet

,----[ Quote ]
| Gear up for a fight in the New Year. The American record labels, in 
| particular, are said to be well organised and ready to push this through on a 
| fast track (even though they've abandoned DRM in the rest of the world, they 
| view Canada as a weak sister they can push around).   
| If this law passes, it will mean that as soon as a device has any 
| anti-copying stuff in it (say, a Vista PC, a set-top cable box, a console, an 
| iPod, a Kindle, etc), it will be illegal for Canadians to modify it, improve 
| it, or make products that interact with it unless they have permission from 
| the (almost always US-based) manufacturer.     



,----[ Quote ]
|   From:   Richard Rasker <spamtrap@xxxxxxxxxx>
|   Newsgroups:   comp.os.linux.advocacy
|   Subject:   Gates' lobby for mandatory MS-DRM in Russia
|   Date:   Wed, 08 Nov 2006 20:57:15 +0100
| Well well, the exponent of Capitalism just paid a little visit to the
| remnants of communism - on a subject they're both all to familiar with:
| repression:
| http://www.kommersant.com/p719683/r_528/
|  "A source that deals with the company said unofficially that Gates
|  proposed Microsoft's Digital Rights Management technology as a national
|  standard to fight piracy at the governmental level."
| Yeah, in their dreams ...
|  "That system allows for complete control over the use of the digital
|  content of Microsoft products."
| Now you guess *who* has this "complete control" ...
|  "If the state makes Microsoft's DRM mandatory, life will be much harder
|  for users and sellers of illegal software."
| ... and if this means that Linux users lose access all sorts of internet
| media it's just an "unfortunate side effect"? Or should Linux perhaps be
| outlawed altogether, as it can't legally support MS-DRM?
| Ah well, we all know it: listening to Microsoft amounts to digging your
| own grave.
| Richard Rasker

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