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Re: CORRECTION: A Million PSPs Sold in Small Nation

Hadron wrote:

> Kier <vallon@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:
>> You're not smart. A smart person would give up being a stinky troll
>> and
> "stinky troll"
> LOL. Poor Kier. Like a whipped cur he lies quivering by his Master's
> feet even as they kick him more. Do Roy and Mark call you a "stinky"
> troll Kier? Or just a "troll" and "wintard"?
> Faithful to the end.
>> get some sort of life. Youy slag Roy for posting advocacy (however
>> biased
> Roy posts Spam. He steals other peoples links and posts them under his
> name to pollute google.
>> he might or might not be), but you spend hours and hours writing
>> worthless filth. How does that make him more stupid and obsessed than
>> *YOU*, repeatedly crawling back into COLA to spew the same tired lying
>> shit for the thousandth time?
>>> Grow a spine Kier instead of caving in to these loonies.
>> Despising you for your filthy behaviour, stalking and other crimes has
>> nothing to do with licking anyone's boot, you stinky little troll. I
>> have
> "Stinky little troll" - Kier is really throwing his toys out of his cot
> on this one.

Another fine "true linux advocacy post" from the 
"true linux advocate", "kernel hacker", "emacs user", "swapfile expert", "X
specialist", "CUPS guru", "USB-disk server admin", "defragger
professional", "newsreader magician", "hardware maven" and "time
coordinator"  Hadron Quark, aka Hans Schneider, aka Richard, aka Damian
"I don't want to belong to any club that would have me as a member."
    -- Groucho Marx

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