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Re: CORRECTION: A Million PSPs Sold in Small Nation

On Thu, 29 Nov 2007 11:45:52 -0500, flatfish wrote:

> On Thu, 29 Nov 2007 15:29:56 +0000, Kier <vallon@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>>On Wed, 28 Nov 2007 19:21:19 -0500, flatfish wrote:
>>> Assuming you use Epson 9 pin dot matrix printers and Hercules graphics
>>> cards, Linux is a great choice.
>>You're still a stinky, lying troll, flatty, polluting COLA. Do you enjoy
>>being despised as filth?
> Not at all.

Then why not bugger off and leave us all in peace once and for all?

> At least I'm smart enough not to lick the boots of those who call me a
> troll or troll feeder, like Roy and Mark call you.

You're not smart. A smart person would give up being a stinky troll and
get some sort of life. Youy slag Roy for posting advocacy (however biased
he might or might not be), but you spend hours and hours writing worthless
filth. How does that make him more stupid and obsessed than *YOU*,
repeatedly crawling back into COLA to spew the same tired lying shit for
the thousandth time?

> Grow a spine Kier instead of caving in to these loonies.

Despising you for your filthy behaviour, stalking and other crimes has
nothing to do with licking anyone's boot, you stinky little troll. I have
criticised Roy in the past, and probably will again, for not being
accurate enough in his posts. But at least I don't write slanderous filth
about him, like you do. At least I don't trawl digg to gind adverse
comments about him. At least I don't nymshift, lie, spew racist crap,
trash Linux and act like an arsehole the way you do.


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