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Re: Microsoft and Roy Schestowitz

On Thu, 29 Nov 2007 14:25:46 -0800 (PST), Mark S Bilk
<mark@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

>According to Google, "Walter Smeddler" has never before
>posted to Usenet.  And the first thing "Walter" did was to
>come to the rather specialized newsgroup c.o.l.a, and post
>the same lying ad hominem attacks against Roy Schestowitz
>that various Microsoft propaganda agents (aka "shills",
>"trolls", "astroturfers") have posted dozens of times already.
>The only explanation that can account for this is that
>"Walter Smeddler" is yet another of the hundreds of false
>identities that Microsoft has created to use in its vicious
>lying attacks against Linux, by which it hopes to maintain
>its huge and undeserved profits selling software inferior
>to Linux.
>Schestowitz searches out and posts here the latest news and
>information about Linux and about the entity that has tried
>hard, and spent over $100,000,000, to destroy it -- Microsoft.
>Thanks to Roy, c.o.l.a has become the best place to find out
>what's happening in the Linux world.  That's why Microsoft
>is constantly attacking him.
>Microsoft pays its agents to lie to the public, using part of
>the large amount of money it charges the public for its
>lousy software.  Microsoft deceives the public by
>preventing advertisements of Linux (by threatening to
>withdraw its own ads), and preventing computer
>manufacturers from pre-installing Linux (by threatening
>to increase the price it charges them for Windows licenses).
>Microsoft is organized crime on a huge scale.  No one
>should ever buy its products.

Post left in tact.....

However, for those that don't know Mark S. Bilk, I would strongly
suggest a session with a good search engine.

I suspect that despite all of our differences, we will agree on this

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