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Microsoft and Roy Schestowitz

According to Google, "Walter Smeddler" has never before
posted to Usenet.  And the first thing "Walter" did was to
come to the rather specialized newsgroup c.o.l.a, and post
the same lying ad hominem attacks against Roy Schestowitz
that various Microsoft propaganda agents (aka "shills",
"trolls", "astroturfers") have posted dozens of times already.

The only explanation that can account for this is that
"Walter Smeddler" is yet another of the hundreds of false
identities that Microsoft has created to use in its vicious
lying attacks against Linux, by which it hopes to maintain
its huge and undeserved profits selling software inferior
to Linux.

Schestowitz searches out and posts here the latest news and
information about Linux and about the entity that has tried
hard, and spent over $100,000,000, to destroy it -- Microsoft.
Thanks to Roy, c.o.l.a has become the best place to find out
what's happening in the Linux world.  That's why Microsoft
is constantly attacking him.

Microsoft pays its agents to lie to the public, using part of
the large amount of money it charges the public for its
lousy software.  Microsoft deceives the public by
preventing advertisements of Linux (by threatening to
withdraw its own ads), and preventing computer
manufacturers from pre-installing Linux (by threatening
to increase the price it charges them for Windows licenses).

Microsoft is organized crime on a huge scale.  No one
should ever buy its products.

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