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Re: I'm curious about Roy Schestowitz

<nessuno@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message 
> On Nov 29, 8:40 am, "Walter Smeddler" <s...@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> We're probably about the same age (mid 20's) but I've had a job and been
>> supporting myself for about 3 years now. So I'm curious when Roy 
>> Schestowitz
>> will ween himself off from his parents teet and finally get a job. Isn't 
>> it
>> about time? I claimed to have finished his studies so shouldn't he get a 
>> job
>> and start putting his education to use?
>> My guess is that any employer who gets his resume see's the mess of lies 
>> and
>> BS he's been spewing for the past several years and "passes" on Roy in
>> preference of someone who is more stable, less of an extreme zealot and
>> someone who's actually going to work during the day instead of continuing 
>> on
>> with some personal rampage.
>> So I'm curious... how many years will it take for Roy Schestowitz to let 
>> go
>> of his mothers apron and get a job so that he can support himself.
>> --
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> Dear Walter,
> You and your sockpuppet flat whoever have posted recently as

Dear Littlejohn - Get stuffed.
> and that's just a sampling.  If you take one nyms from Kohlmann's list
> and do a search you will find that you have been posting stories of a
> similar type for at least 4 years.   Nothing you say has any
> credibility, least of all when you accuse someone of lying.  Your
> moral standards are the lowest on this newsgroup, something that takes
> real effort, so any accusations from you are utterly hypocritical.

Do show where I accused someone of lying. My bet is that you can't and you 
will simply slither away.

> Best wishes always, Nessuno

Robert Littlejohn
 Plasma Physics Nonlinear Dynamics

Campus Office:
 449 Birge


Posted via a free Usenet account from http://www.teranews.com

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