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Re: I'm curious about Roy Schestowitz

On Nov 29, 8:40 am, "Walter Smeddler" <s...@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> We're probably about the same age (mid 20's) but I've had a job and been
> supporting myself for about 3 years now. So I'm curious when Roy Schestowitz
> will ween himself off from his parents teet and finally get a job. Isn't it
> about time? I claimed to have finished his studies so shouldn't he get a job
> and start putting his education to use?
> My guess is that any employer who gets his resume see's the mess of lies and
> BS he's been spewing for the past several years and "passes" on Roy in
> preference of someone who is more stable, less of an extreme zealot and
> someone who's actually going to work during the day instead of continuing on
> with some personal rampage.
> So I'm curious... how many years will it take for Roy Schestowitz to let go
> of his mothers apron and get a job so that he can support himself.
> --
> Posted via a free Usenet account fromhttp://www.teranews.com

Dear Walter,

You and your sockpuppet flat whoever have posted recently as

Adam Baum, Barb Dwyer, Bruce Banner, Capt. James Pike, Capt. Morgan,
Captain Commando, Colonel Ichabod Conk, Cpl Kronk, Dan D. Lyons,
Dr. Disco, Dr. Fafoofnik, Dr. Feelgood, Dr Gang Green, Dr. GroundAxe,
Dr. Hungwell, Dr. Hurt, Dr. Livingston, Dr. McGillicudy, Dr. Pain,
Dr. Seymour Butts, Dr. Shlongwell, Dr.Smooth, Dr. Zhivago, Enzyte Bob,
Geppetto Olivio, Gordon Glover, Jeremy Wembley, Judge Dredd, Keith
Windsor, Lintard Luser, Lt. Stardust, Mindy Cohen impersonator,
Mr. Doug Hoel, Mr. X, Ms. Polly Ester, Ofc. Michael Clayton, Professor
Dungby, Randy Oaks, Reggie Nolad, SgtMajor Gansevoort, Sgt. Wannacker,
Simon Templar, Sir Michael Clayton, Sophie McDowell, Sue Romer, Troy
McClure, Walter Smeddler, Warren Piece, Zumwalt Humphry


alan.yunick@xxxxxxxxx, ali.babba.singh@xxxxxxxxx,
arkady.duntov@xxxxxxxxx, ball.cock.the.plumber@xxxxxxxxx,
banjo.boy69@xxxxxxxxx, big.momma.thornton@xxxxxxxxx,
bones4jones@xxxxxxxxx, detective48@xxxxxxxxx,
garystewart.aka.flatfish@xxxxxxxxx, goldfarb44@xxxxxxxxx,
heather.banger@xxxxxxxxx, jimserac@xxxxxxxxx, johnnyscotrun@xxxxxxxxx,
krotch.kricket@xxxxxxxxx, mark.kent.is.owned@xxxxxxxxx,
oksana.the.whore@xxxxxxxxx, right.wanger@xxxxxxxxx,
roy.the.spam.king@xxxxxxxxx, smed@xxxxxxxxx, symon99@xxxxxxxxx,
sully1...@xxxxxxxxx, suzie.linux@xxxxxxxxx, traci.manicotti@xxxxxxxxx,
udayshankar29@xxxxxxxxx, united4luv@xxxxxxxxx

and that's just a sampling.  If you take one nyms from Kohlmann's list
and do a search you will find that you have been posting stories of a
similar type for at least 4 years.   Nothing you say has any
credibility, least of all when you accuse someone of lying.  Your
moral standards are the lowest on this newsgroup, something that takes
real effort, so any accusations from you are utterly hypocritical.

Best wishes always, Nessuno

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