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Re: Microsoft and Novell Celebrate Year of Interoperability, Expand Collaboration Agreement

flatfish wrote:
> Peter Kränkwonov wrote:
>> High Plains Thumper writes:
>>> Peter Kränkwonov wrote:
>>>> I am confused. What do you mean? Linux has almost no desktop
>>>> presence and M$ has nearly it all. M$ and Windoze already
>>>> cornered the market. What are you meaning here? Or am I not
>>>> understanding something here in the figures you talk about?
>>> Hmmm, no presence, eh?  Then why are you using it?
>>> User-Agent: Microsoft Outlook Express (WINE 0.9.49 auf Suse 10)
>> I am confused. Where did I say "no" presence? Why are you lying and
>> misrepresenting what I say?

Aha, the apparent agenda reveals itself.  I ask a simple question, and
immediately I am accused of lying.  How strange, how extreme and very rude.

>> The previous emailer said that MS needs linux to corner the market.
>> All numbers I know say that they did this a long time ago. Linux has
>> almost no desktop presence based on populated figures. Well I am sure
>> you would not think 2% is a big presence? I use Linux but it does not
>> mean everyone does.  I own a 1980 Mercedes 280 SE but I don't assume
>> everyone else has one, no but I am quite a minority. Why is this
>> trouble for you? Or you are another of these people who think every
>> one is like them? I see from your other posts you don't use Linux much
>> or know much about it but as a new user maybe you can learn something
>> about the statistics before you look stupid since it seems you must
>> learn.

I said very little to you, and now I get a discertation on all my
assumptions based on one question?

>>> User-Agent: Microsoft Outlook Express (WINE 0.9.49 auf Suse 10)
>> Yes. And? I use OE at work so use it at home too - it took some
>> tinkering to get it to work but its working mostly perfect now. With
>> Linux underneath I dont have to worry about virus and trojans either.
>> best of both worlds - Windoze SW with the integrity and safety of
>> Linux.
> You are dealing with

a sock puppet of flatty, no?  Of course!  Peter "Crank One Off", I should
have guessed.  More farty drivel:

> radical Linux loonies Peter. I sort of agree with what you are saying,
> but at the same time I can understand why the Linux loonies are going
> ape shitz over this deal. They are paranoid loonies. Unfortunately with
> the radical Linux loonie, it's either all or nothing. You can't be
> midstream.
> People like thumper, Roy, Mark Kent, Willy 'filters' Poaster are doing
> more harm to Linux than all the trolls put together.
> BTW you know you've won the discussion when they, the Linux loonies,
> start digging up your broswer id string. Get ready for the spelling
> police next!

You really need to use more originality in your posts.  Your trolling
methodologies are extremely sad.


The flatfish troll nyms shifts an extraordinary amount often using the
nyms as sock puppets. Here is a list of some of the nyms the flatfish
troll has used (NB: flatfish will often use the names of other posters as

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