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Re: Linux / game related consulting work

* flatfish fired off this tart reply:

>>Reaper? That thing is still around?
> Sure is Roy Schestowitz.
> And believe it or not, they (the users) are trying to make it work
> under Linux.

He was talking about a poster here who used the nym "T.G. Reaper", dude.

> http://www.cockos.com/reaper/

Looks cool.

> Reaper and Linux:
> http://www.cockos.com/forum/search.php?searchid=299271
> Most people would PAY for a Linux version of Reaper, Sonar, Cubase,
> Nuendo etc because the Linux DAW software is a complete joke.
> Alas it's not currently in the cards because Linux's market share is
> dismal and it's not worth the time to develop for Linux.


   After plugging this interface in to my laptop and configuring it
   properly, I have a multitrack hard disk recorder that can
   simultaneously record 24 tracks at a maximum sample rate of 96KHz,
   well above the maximum available sample rate on far more expensive
   commercial HDRs, with more available input tracks.

That's a "solution".


   Above all, Ardour strives to meet the needs of professional users.
   This means implementing all the "hard stuff" that other DAWs ( even
   some leading commercial apps ) handle incorrectly or not at all. 

That's the "software".


That's the "hardware".


   Inside a Luxury Synth: Creating the Linux-Powered Korg OASYS

In other words, even though there's obviously more out there Windows at
this time, Linux is /definitely/ worth the time to develop for.

Tux rox!

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