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Re: Service Director Ditches Windows Vista for GNU/Linux, Vista is a Trainwreck

____/ bsamwel@xxxxxxxxx on Tuesday 27 November 2007 07:30 : \____

> On Nov 20, 5:47 pm, Erik Funkenbusch <e...@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
> wrote:
>> Of course he probably won't be so happy when finds out that Ubuntu has
>> destroyed his Laptop hard disk.
>> https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/acpi-support/+bug/59695
>> Of course, the bug is almost 3 months old, and they haven't even issued a
>> temporary patch (though there is a workaround).  Anyone that is unaware of
>> this problem will just be killing their hard drive becaus Ubuntu hasn't
>> taken the intiative to issue a patch to disablelaptop modeuntil a
>> permanent solution is available.
> RTFBR. Laptop mode is not the problem, it has been disabled in Ubuntu
> for quite some time now (for completely different reasons). The
> problem is with the default power management settings of hard drives
> (built into the hardware) in combination with a certain disk access
> pattern: regular disk accesses spaced ~15-60 seconds apart, with no
> disk accesses in between. Unfortunately Linux shows this pattern more
> often than Windows due to atime updates. The problem has been found in
> pretty much all Linux distros. People have experienced the same
> problem on Windows, if they were running apps that access the disk
> regularly every 15-60 seconds. The solution? Change the hard drive
> power management settings.

You're replying to FUDenbusch. His jobs is to instill fear in people's minds.
He's Ballmer's little troll puppet and it's best to ignore him. Since it's not
a moderated forum, FUDenbusch cannot be banned (if it were, he would, by
whoever admins it).

                ~~ Best of wishes

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