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Re: Microsoft's Claimed Financial Gains Attributed to Piracy Crackdowns

On Nov 27, 10:38 am, Hadron <hadronqu...@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Rex Ballard <rex.ball...@xxxxxxxxx> writes:
> > On Nov 26, 10:48 am, "DFS" <nospam@xxxxxxxx> wrote:
> >> Rex Ballard wrote:
> >> > It seems these corporate customers didn't understand that
> >> > under the support plans, they were only "renting" the licenses, not
> >> > paying for them outright.
> >> Yes, only you and 3 other cola maniacs really understand how anything works.
> > And of course, the 27 Attorney's General understood every aspect of
> > the DOJ settlement and knew exactly how Microsoft was going to nullify
> > the whole process.
> > If Microsoft can confuse a highly trained top attorney for each of 27
> > states, what makes you think that manager of smaller companies, many
> > of whom don't check with the lawyers often enough would understand all
> > of the subtleties of the Corporate licensing agreement.
> because Rexx "King Maker" Ballard is on hand to help them!

It's Rexford Ballard, if you want the "king maker" meaning.  Most
people just call me Rex.
Rexx is a programming language developed by IBM for scripting in VM/
CMS and other Mainframe languages.

> Oh sorry. I forgot you hawk IBM proprietary SW on Windows platforms to these people
> while feathering your nest with your colossal daily rates and sales %.

Actually, I design solutions based on the client's existing systems
and add a blend of IBM products such as WebSphere, OSS software such
as Java and Apache (aka IBM HTTP Server or IHS).  We often suggest to
clients that they use Eclipse.  We use PERL to analyze logs.  We use
LDAP and allow the client to use his own LDAP directory service,
including Active Directory in "compatible" mode, and provide any
commercial extensions that will make the customer more comfortable
with the established industry standards.

We also use XML, SOAP, and SOA, including WSDL and UDDI to create
interfaces with various "Software as Service" providers, which reduces
the development effort required to support standard systems.  Often,
my solutions invove using Linux systems combined with WebSphere and
Apache and Eclipse to generate interfaces to Windows, Proprietary
Unix, government services, and industry service providers.

> Whoops!

I've been an advocate of allowing all people, especially end-users,
the ability to make a free and informed CHOICE as to which system most
suits them.  For some, that would be Windows, for others it would be
"Pure Linux", for others, it might be a "hybrid" system of Linux and

Microsoft seems committed to FORCING both OEMs and CIOs to PREVENT end
users from making any kind of choice, informed or otherwise.  When I
can walk into any major retailer that sells PCs and have the ability
to make a side-by-side comparison of Windows and Linux computers,
desktops and laptops, we will actually see how Linux measures up.

Microsoft has made it very clear, in SEC filings, in the "Halloween
Documents", in numerous court discovered e-mails and memos, that
Microsoft must "Win at All Costs" against Linux.  Better to engage in
illegal activities and pay $2 billion/year in legal fees and
settlements than to risk having Linux hit teh retail shelves and
capture 20% of the market, which could cost Microsoft $10 billion per
year in lost revenue from Windows OEM licenses, Microsoft Office
Licenses, Corporate Windows licenses, and support contracts.

As long as the attorneys general and prosecutors are willing to take
cash settlements, and nobody is going to jail, crime does pay, and
Microsoft executives don't need to worry about "doing the time" for
their crimes.

Maier Lansky ran mob related gambling operations for almost 50 years
and only spent 2 months in jail, and even those charges were dropped
and settled out of court.  Perhaps Bill Gates and Steve Ballmer will
be able to continue their crime spree of fraud, extortion, blackmail,
sabotage, and obstruction of justice, along with bribery, graft, and
money laundering, for another 25 years and beat Lansky's record.

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