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[News] WGA is a Genuine Advantage to Linux

  • Subject: [News] WGA is a Genuine Advantage to Linux
  • From: Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Tue, 27 Nov 2007 05:37:34 +0000
  • Newsgroups: comp.os.linux.advocacy
  • Organization: Netscape / schestowitz.com
  • User-agent: KNode/0.10.4
Microsoft "learning" from WGA failures, but the lesson should be: kill it

,----[ Quote ]
| The other problem with WGA is that its very name is oxymoronic: there is no 
| advantage for users who pass WGA's tests. Microsoft attempted to add a carrot 
| to go with its WGA stick by tying it to certain products (such as the first 
| releases of Internet Explorer 7—subsequent versions have had their WGA 
| requirement removed), but for all intents and purposes, passing a WGA check 
| brought no additional benefits to the end user. Fixing WGA's flaws may not be 
| enough here: Microsoft should really take a long, hard look at whether or not 
| WGA is really necessary at all.       


Some examples of WGA disasters below. WGA may be the best thing that has ever
happened to Linux (other than Vista). And it's only getting started...


Microsoft WGA validation servers down 

,----[ Quote ]
| It just goes to show that MS DRM infections and inbuilt malware are 
| unacceptable. If you buy anything with activation, you are simply wasting 
| money. Avoid Vista like the plague, it simply isn't worth it. If today is not 
| a warning sign in big red letters, I don't know what is.   


Windows users: Get Ready for a Long Weekend

,----[ Quote ]
| The discussion on the Microsoft forums has not been kind. As you might 
| expect, the “U-word” Ubuntu has been bandied about.  


Cancelling WGA Installation sends a report to Microsoft

,----[ Quote ]
| They decided to cancel the installation and immediately after doing
| so the firewall reported that update.exe tried to connect to the
| internet. This caught their attention of course and they decided
| to analyze the data that was send after the connection was established.
| They used Wireshark to analyze the traffic and found out that
| update.exe sends data to genuine.microsoft.com. Some of the data
| seems to be encrypted while some could be identified. It sends
| registry information, namely the SusClientID as well as information
| about the version of the WGA tool, the windows version and the
| language of the operating system. It also sets a cookie whichc
| ontains a GUID which could possibly be used to identify the computer.


I've had it up to HERE with the likes of Microsoft

,----[ Quote ]
| When WGA was first implemented, certain free downloads from MS
| were unavailable unless you installed something to "verify" you
| didn't "pirate" your OS. Then comes the WGA "tool" that phones home
| several times a day/week/month "verifying" your installation, and
| now most interesting downloads from MS are blocked unless you
| validate your OS. Add to this the certainty that Vista is going
| to up the ante on WGA and MS found one less customer.
| Speaking of Vista, I tried out RC1 and found it slow, ill-conceived
| and just plain ugly. You cannot change basic interface elements like
| menus without warning. Things are moved all over the place, never got
| a sense of uniformity, etc, etc. Bottom line - I hated it. Add this
| to the unrest in my stomach over WGA and I found myself at the
| crossroads.


Vista's EULA Product Activation Worries

,----[ Quote ]
| Mark Rasch looks at the license agreement for Windows Vista and how its 
| product activation component, which can disable operation of the computer, 
| may be like walking on thin ice.
| [...]
| "Does the Microsoft EULA adequately tell you what will happen if you
| don't activate the product or if you can't establish that it is
| genuine? Well, not exactly. It does tell you that some parts of the
| product won't work - but it also ambiguously says that the product
| itself won't work. Moreover, it allows Microsoft, through fine print
| in a generally unread and non negotiable agreement, to create an
| opportunity for economic extortion."


Dvorak: 'Something To Avoid at All Costs'

,----[ Quote ]
| Many in Health IT are moving to all over-the-web 'asp', software-as-service 
| Electronic Medical Records services with total centralized control of data. 
| John C. Dvorak sounds off a note of caution for such a trend with the recent 
| Windows Genuine Advantage server outage...


Still no word on cause of WGA outage or Microsoft’s future prevention plans

,----[ Quote ]
| Microsoft officials say they are continuing to investigate how the outage 
| occurred, as well as why someone on the support team inappropriately told 
| users the outage wouldn’t be resolved until August 28. If the team already 
| knows what happened, so far, it’s not saying.   


WGA Meltdown Casts Doubt on Microsoft Reliability

,----[ Quote ]
| Gartner Inc. analyst Michael Silver also dinged Microsoft on the reliability 
| issue. "A system that's not totally reliable really should not be so 
| punitive," he said. "This issue is not really how long it take for Microsoft 
| to fix the problem, but also how when the user can get back on the network to 
| revalidate. What happens when someone's about to get on a plane and won't be 
| able to revalidate for three days?"     


Microsoft set to push out updated antipiracy tool

,----[ Quote ]
| Microsoft will soon start pushing out a new version of its controversial 
| Windows Genuine Advantage Notifications antipiracy tool to Windows XP 
| users.


Analyst: Microsoft's revamped WGA puts burden on users

,----[ Quote ]
| Microsoft announced Tuesday that it would use Automatic Updates to
| roll out changes to the component of its anti-piracy scheme that
| nags users when their copy of Windows is tagged as counterfeit. An
| analyst criticises the changes as more work for customers.


Windows Trojan masquerades as Vista hack

,----[ Quote ]
| A supposed Windows Vista crack called Windows Vista All Versions
| Activation 21.11.06 is reportedly doing the rounds, offering those
| tempted by the chance of sticking it to Microsoft the ability to
| install illegal versions of Windows Vista.
| However, the software is not a Windows Vista crack and pirates get
| something they didn't expect - installation of a Trojan called
| PSW.Win32.LdPinch.aze - something with a "high" threat level.


Windows Genuine Advantage Validation v1.5.722.0 Cracked

,----[ Quote ]
| Just press any key, and it's done cracking! All popup nag screens
| gone and you're now able to download updates from Windows Update.


Windows Genuine Advantage - what a pain

,----[ Quote ]
| One of the Trojans appears to have corrupted the registry of the
| PC to such an extent that Windows Genuine Advantage thinks the
| version of Windows on his machine is pirated.
| It's not, but perhaps worse, a number of other applications,
| including AVG Anti-Virus are also blocking updates until the
| copy of Windows is made legitimate.
| I think a complete re-install of the operating system is
| called for, as patching around the problem seems to be impossible.


Latest Windows Genuine Advantage Validation v1.7.17.0 Cracked

,----[ Quote ]
| Team ETH0 again very quickly cracked the latest Windows Genuine
| Advantage Validation v1.7.17.0 and released it to public after a week.
| So far they're the only one that cracked the latest WGA.


Microsoft offers small-business promotions

,----[ Quote ]
| At its Small Business Summit Monday, Microsoft said that small
| businesses that take part in the WGA (Windows Genuine Advantage)
| program can receive a seven-day free trial of business credit-report 
| checks and a six-month trial of Microsoft Office OneNote 2003.


Windows Genuine Annoyance

,----[ Quote ]
| My windows Genuine Advantage experience, which doesn't provide
| any discernible advantage to anyone but Microsoft, hit a new
| low today.


MS to OEMs: Get legit on Vista, or the OS is toast

,----[ Quote ]
| It gets worse. Microsoft offers OEMs a chance to "win a cool PC" by 
| taking a quiz testing their knowledge of Windows Vista and WGA. But 
| it doesn't exactly instill confidence when you type the URL into your 
| browser and find out the page doesn't exist.


Microsoft to offer code protection, validation to other software developers

,----[ Quote ]
| Microsoft is encouraging developers to take the next step, and do not just 
| activation, but also Genuine Advantage-style validation. But the new SLP 
| offerings are not “Genuine Advantage” for third parties, Lindeman said.  
| “We are encouraging ISVs to think about doing validation like we do with 
| Genuine Advantage. They can do that or their own thing,” Lindeman said. 


Seeking market share, Microsoft removes WGA anti-piracy check from IE7

,----[ Quote ]
| The move is remarkable because it is the first time that Microsoft has 
| removed WGA checks from a product in order to increase the attractiveness of 
| that product. It's difficult to see this as any but an attempt to get as many 
| users as possible to install IE7, even those who have pirated Windows.     


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