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Re: Bits I like most with linux desktops (KDE)

____/ Jeremy Fisher on Monday 26 November 2007 22:18 : \____

> I like to have windows stick on top, so I can work below extracting
> information, I find it frustrating at work using XP you have to size
> windows so you can see both.
> Multiple desktops, at home I like running different types of applications on
> different desktops, whilst one app. is taking up resources I can carry on
> in a second desktop.
> Being able to have multiply users running at the same time, I can open a new
> session run as root whilst still running a session as a normal user.

I believe XP can do this as well. I used XP at my cousin's house in April last
year and I saw this was possible (very memory consuming though and nothing
like CTRL+ALT-F[1..7]). You could achieve the functionality above with some
addons as well, but I'm not sure how they affect, performance, reliability,
and installation time.

> These are 3 things I find user friendly, what do the rest of you find good
> when using a desktop.
> Jem..

- KDE restores sessions after you log off (including finer bits like locations
in file managers and open files/tabs)

- KDE enabled you to stick an application so that it appears in all virtual

- If you wish to issue a command (say... minimise) to a group of similar
applications, that's trivial.

- If I want KNode to always open (and remain) in desktop 8, I can add a rule.
This obviates the need to move windows around, which saves time.

There are many more examples...

                ~~ Best of wishes

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