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[News] Book to Be Written About ODF (and Microsoft's Frauds)

  • Subject: [News] Book to Be Written About ODF (and Microsoft's Frauds)
  • From: Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 26 Nov 2007 08:49:37 +0000
  • Newsgroups: comp.os.linux.advocacy
  • Organization: Netscape / schestowitz.com
  • User-agent: KNode/0.10.4
ODF vs. OOXML: War of the Words (an eBook in Process)

,----[ Quote ]
| There is little question, I think, that regardless of where and how this saga 
| ends, it will be studied in business schools and by economists for decades to 
| come.  What they will conclude will depend in part upon the materials we 
| leave behind for them to work with.  That's one of the reasons I'm launching 
| this effort now, as a publicly posted  eBook in progress, rather than waiting 
| until some indefinite point in the future to reconnect with the players in  
| this drama to mine their recollections of what they were thinking and doing 
| at the time, by then colored by the passage of time and the influence of 
| later events.       



Interview with Christian Fernandez, of Binary Freedom

,----[ Quote ]
| Unfortunately, companies like Microsoft have thrown around their
| financial and political weight to combat our work. They defeated a
| measure in Florida through lobbying and the only way this abuse will
| stop is if we continue to fight them.


New MA Governor Proposes New - and Smaller - IT Bond Bill

,----[ Quote ]
| Unfortunately for the Information Technology Division (ITD) in
| particular, and state government in general, the new bill would
| provide only a fraction of the funding that would have been provided
| under last year's legislation. As proposed by Patrick, the bond would
| offer only $95 million, rather than the $250 million originally
| proposed. According to MHT, $75 million would be dedicated to 
| planning and procurement, a further $15 million would fund a
| statewide system to mange performance and measure efficiency of
| agency databases, and $4.9 million would be given to the state
| attorney general's offices for IT projects.
| As a result, it the new bill will fall far short of accomplishing
| what had long been hoped by the ITD. This follows on the heels of
| damage already done, as stated by Gutierrez in his letter of
| resignation
| [...]
| What does this portend for ODF in Massachusetts, and what does
| it tell us about Deval Patrick's plans for the future?
| First, here's what I don't know: as you may recall, both
| Gutierrez and Microsoft lobbyist Brian Burke were appointed
| to a transition working group formed to advise governor-elect
| Patrick on IT matters.


Q&A: Former Mass. CIO feels 'bittersweet pride' after battles with Microsoft,

,----[ Quote ]
| As CIO of Massachusetts from February to November last year, Louis 
| Gutierrez had to endure most of the brunt of Microsoft Corp.'s political 
| wrath over a state policy calling for the adoption of the Open Document 
| Format for Office Applications, or ODF -- a rival to the software vendor's 
| Office Open XML file format.
| [...]
| Do you see any reason for there to be two standards? If you were
| starting blank-slate, there certainly would not be value to creating
| two separate standards. Over time, it has sometimes been useful to
| have the competition of two standards to keep both sides honest.
| But I don't see particular value in the long-term co-existence of
| two separate standards.


,----[ Quote ]
|    Quinn:  Almost to a person, to anybody involved or who knows about
|    the ODF issue, they attributed the story to Microsoft, right, wrong
|    or otherwise. Senator Pacheco may be a bully but I do not believe he
|    is disingenious and would stoop to such a tactic. Senator Pacheco and
|    Secretary Galvin's office remain very heavily influenced by the
|    Microsoft money and its lobbyist machine, as witnessed by their
|    playbook and words, in my opinion.
|    Quinn:  I believe that the ODF decision will stand. I believe MS
|    will continue to do anything and everything it can to stop it. And I
|    know my seat wasn't even empty and they (MS) took another shot at
|    the title, to no avail. This horse is out of the barn and I see no
|    way for it to go back in. Remember, all we are asking for was and is
|    for Microsoft to commit to open and the standards process; so
|    everyone looks really bad if the plug gets pulled at this juncture. 


MA Governor-Elect Names MS Anti-ODF Lobbyist to Technology Advisory Group


The Sorry State of Massachusetts


Microsoft offers schools in Mass. free software (to stop ODF adoption)


Microsoft plays Massachusetts Senate card


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